EasyEdit CMS


1) Login.


2) Choose a page.


3) Edit & Publish.

Who thought editing your web site could be this easy? We did.

Simplicity when you need it most.

Who has the time or desire to spend hours updating simple page content? WIth EasyEdit, your developer will customize the functionality of your CMS editor to what you need. Now you can edit your web site in seconds without having to muddle through and learn unnecessary functionality so you can quickly get back to business.

Customizable features & add-ons.

Adding a photo gallery, product manager, news archive, rss feed, and more becomes simpler for your developer and yourself when building off a great platform like EasyEdit. Add-ons are available at no addiitonal monthly cost. You only pay for your developer to customize and code them into your your web site.

For small businesses like yours.

Beyond simplicity, EasyEdit is affordable and will actually decrease your website expenses over time. If you don't care to have the ability to edit to your web site's navigation menu, add users, or utilize other features of the full version, then go lite and pay less. Instead of hiring your web company to update you site, save money by doing it in-house.

Don't just take it from us. Here's what users are saying about Easy Edit...


"I liked the idea of being able to make changes to our website myself at any time but I feared it would be too complicated for me. Much to my surprise Easy Edit was really simple, even for me."


"I've been working with the Easy Edit system and I love it! Seriously, it's amazing! It is everything I like about Wordpress and nothing I don't. Very user friendly and intuitive. I'm a raving fan!"


"EasyEdit is exactly what I need to work with my website, It's easy, quick and I don't need to know code or technical jargon."